Galvanized PWC Series - Double

Galvanized PWC Series - Double


Standard Features-

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Tube Finish
  • Torsion Axles Standard on most models
  • Fully Grounded Waterproof Lighting
  • Tongue Jack
  • Flat Boards are standard as shown
Part #
Model #
Boat Length
Net Capacity
Total Width
DBF Total Length
Tire Size
Trailer Weight
KA1492 **DWC2000-S 8'-10.5' 2000 98" 80" 15'4" 13C 455
KA1497 **DWC2500-S 8'-10.5' 2500 98" 80" 15'4" 10E 455
KA1487  DWC1250 SPARK SPARK ONLY  1250  102"   88"   12'6"   12C   340 
MagicTilt - We Deliver Dreams!

**These models equipped with torsion axles

At Magic Tilt, we make the most complete line of Galvanized Trailers in the industry. This product line diversity reflects the many unique boating conditions that our dealers serve. Benefits of Galvanized Trailers include:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Hot dipped steel frames
  • Welded or bolted construction
  • Tube or mill channel
  • Great value

We view trailer construction in three different parts: frame, boat support and under-carriage. The frame determines the structural strength and look of the trailer. The boat support allows easy loading and unloading of your boat. Finally, the under-carriage provides both the weight carrying capacity as well as the shock absorption that you need. If you have questions, please visit our dealers - they know our product line and your unique boating conditions.