ALS Series Single Axle

Standard Features

  • Aluminum I-beam
  • Deep V cross members
  • Galvanized axles and wheels
  • Stainless steel bearing protectors w/ spindle seal
  • Load bearing aluminum fenders
  • Carpeted bunks
  • Tongue Jack
  • Submersible L.E.D. lighting w cover
  • Heavy duty winch stand & strap with bow-eye safety chain/cable
  • PVC covered Galvanized tubing upright guide
  • Heat Shrink Wire Protectors
  • Non-marking bow stop rollers
  • Galvanized fasteners
  • Heavy duty adjustable keel pad on front forward cross-member (except on ALS1617)
  • Fully Grounded Wiring
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Aluminum Bunk Brackets

Optional Upgrades

Coming Soon

Item NumberModelBoat Length*Net CapacityTotal WidthTotal LengthTire Size
FA6005ALS1617N14'-16'170082"17' 6"ST175 / 80R13 C
FA6004ALS161714'-16'170093"17' 6"ST175 / 80R13 C
FA6012ALS172315'-17'2300102"19' 8"ST175 / 80R13 C
FA6013ALS1723N15'-17'230082"20' 6"ST175 / 80R13 C
FA6016ALS172815'-17'2800102"19' 8"ST205 / 75R14 C
FA6020ALS192318'-19'2300102"21' 8"ST175 / 80R13 C
FA6024ALS192818'-19'2800102"21' 8"ST205 / 75R14 C
FA6028ALS193118'-19'3100102"21' 8"ST215 / 75R14 C
FA6030ALS193518'-19'3500102"21' 8"ST225 / 75R15 D
FA6036ALS202818'-20'2800102"22' 8"ST205 / 75R14 C
FA6040ALS203018'-20'3000102"22' 8"ST215 / 75R14 C
FA6042ALS203518'-20'3500102"22' 8"ST225 / 75R15 D
FA6044ALS222920'-22'2900102"25'ST215 / 75R14 C
FA6063ALS243522'-24'3500102"27'ST225 / 75R15 D
FA6079ALS263524'-26'3500102"29'ST225 / 75R15 D