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XPress Series Tandem Axle

Standard Features

  • Aluminum I-Beam Construction
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Aluminum deep V cross-members
  • Galvanized axles and wheels
  • Posi-lube spindles
  • SS spindle seal
  • Diamond deck plate load bearings fenders
  • Heavy duty winch stand & strap with bow eye safety chain
  • PVC covered Galvanized tubing upright guides
  • Galvanized fasteners
  • Heavy duty adjustable keel pad on front forward cross-members
  • Heat Shrink wire connectors & fully Grounded wiring
  • Tongue jack

Optional Upgrades

Coming Soon

Item NumberModelBoat Length*Net CapacityTotal WidthTotal LengthTire Size
FA1949TXP2044B18'-20'440093"22' 8"ST175 / 80D13 C
FA1950TXP2044B218'-20'440093"22' 8"ST175 / 80D13 C
FA1953TXP2060B218'-20'600093"22' 8"ST205 / 75D14 C
FA1955TXP2244B20'-22'440093"25'ST175 / 80D13 C
FA1956TXP2244B220'-22'440093"25'ST175 / 80D13 C
FA1959TXP2260B20'-22'600093"25'ST205 / 75D14 C
FA1960TXP2260B220'-22'600093"25'ST205 / 75D14 C
FA1965TXP2460B22'-24'6000102"27'ST205 / 75D14 C
FA1966TXP2460B222'-24'6000102"27'ST205 / 75D14 C
FA1986TXP2464B22'-24'6400102"27'ST215 / 75D14 C
FA1988TXP2464B222'-24'6400102"27'ST215 / 75D14 C
FA1992TXP2664B224'-26'6400102"29'ST215 / 75D14 C
FA1969TXP2682B24'-26'8200102"29'ST225 / 75D15 C
FA1970TXP2682B224'-26'8200102"29'ST225 / 75D15 C